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Prefabricated House Products

Prefabricated camp house is a Green economy building system, which is formed by the main structure (Square steel tube for column, C channel steel for roof turss and purlin), roof and wall system (using sandwich panel), door and window system. Because of its advantages, like fast production, fast installation, low cost, prefabricated camp house is widely used as labor camp, refugee camp, staff camp, mining camp, dormitory, accommodation house, toilet and shower building, laundry, kitchen and dining/mess/canteen hall, recreation hall, mosque/prayer hall, site office, clinic, guard house, etc..


Prefabricated house advantages:

Reliable structure: Light steel structural system, safe and reliable, meets the requirements of building structure design specifications.

Convenient disassembly and assembly: the house can be disassembled and reused many times, and the installation process requires only simple tools. For example, a K-type house can be installed with an average of 20 to 30 square meters per person per day.

Beautiful decoration: the overall appearance of the house is beautiful, the color is bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, and it has a good decorative effect.

Flexible layout: doors and windows can be set at any position, indoor partitions can be set in any horizontal axis, and stairs can be flexibly set at different positions according to actual needs.Waterproof structure: The house is structurally waterproof and does not require any waterproof treatment.

Prefabricated house features:

1. Environmentally friendly, no construction waste

2. Doors, windows, partition walls, flexible installation and disassembly

3. Appearance is generous; there are multiple choices for the color of the roof and wall panels

4. Cost saving and convenient transportation

5. Anti-rust, more than 15 years of service life

6. Safe, stable, and resistant to magnitude 8 earthquak


Preesfabricated house technical parameters:

Wind resistance: 11 (wind speed ≤ 125.5km / h)

Earthquake resistance: level 8

Roof live load: 0.5kn/m²

Heat transfer coefficient of external wall and partition wall: 0.35 Kcal/m2hc

Corridor live load: 2.0kn/ m²