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  • Name: Factory Supply 20ft 40ft Expandable Luxury Prefab Modular Flat Pack Container House Building


Container house is designed and developed according to the standard size of shipping container. It is of heatproof and waterproof. It is widely used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, booth, toilet, storage, kitchen, shower room and so on.
Lida container houses include flat pack container house, foldable container house (folding container house), expandable container house, welding container house(customized container house)and modified shipping container house(converted shipping container house).


1) Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.

2) Could be lifted, fixed and combined freely.

3) Heatproof and waterproof.

4) Cost saving and convenient transportation (Each 4 container house can     be loaded in one standard container)

5) Service life can reach up to 10 - 15 years

6) We can provide the service of installation, supervision and training by extra.

Main Material:

1 Material Light steel structure material Q345

Sandwich panel with steel plate surface:

Panel total thickness: 75mm


Roof exterior: 1.2mm steel plate

Insulation filling: 75mm EPS

4 WINDOWS PVC sliding window

Frame is made of aluminum,

Insulation: 50mm thick EPS insulation foam


Technical Parameter:

Size: GP20, GP40 and HP40 of shipping container

Wind Resistance: Grade 12

Wall permitted loading: 0.6KN/ m2

Ceiling Permitted live loading: 0.5 KN/m2 

Wall Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.442W/mk

Ceiling Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.55W/ m2K

40FT Container House

40FT Container House

40FT Container House

China container house

China container house