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20ft steel container hotel for America

Whether you're an apartment dweller who dreams of owning a home, or a house hunter who longs for something a little different from the norm, there's a housing trend that will suit your desire: The container home trend, they certainly are making headlines as an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional housing — typically costing just half the price.

In the end year of  2017 years, a new project of steel container hotels have been exported to America, it is producted by Weifang Henglida Steel Structure Co.,Ltd, the general description of that project as below:

Dimension: 6058mm *2438mm*2896mm
Layout: one bedroom + one washroom, with a full set of facilities ,folding bed, sink, toilet , washbasin and shower.
Floor : tile
Electric: UL standard.
The picture of the steel hotel as below:

20ft steel container

20ft steel container

20ft steel container