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  • Name: Airport Terminal and Hangar

Lida Group can design, process and install different kinds of airport terminal building and hangar according to customer’s special request. Lida steel structure airport terminal and Hangar (pre-engineering building) is a new type of building structure system. The building structure system is formed by the main framework through linking up the H section, C section, Z section or U section steel components. Cladding system uses different kinds of panels as wall and roof together with other components such as windows and doors.
Lida steel structure airport terminal and Hangar has the advantages of wide span, high strength, light weight, low cost, temperature protection, energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good effect of insulation, long using life, space-efficient, good seismic performance, flexible layout, etc.




Tahiti, also known as Tahiti (Tahiti), belong to French Polynesia (French Polynesia) Windward Islands, the largest island in the South Pacific, where the warm seasons like spring, abundant natural resources. People often look out to sea in the distance meditation, waiting for sunset dawn. Sunshine along the Pacific Ocean with the arrival of the wind blowing, the color of sea water from the deep to clear, referred to herein as paradise - gift from god.


2014 Faa'a International Airport renovation project started, LIDA Group invited by local well-known engineering company to build cooperation, LIDA Group professional team provide full support for the renovation project, it took more than six months only for the structure of airport design, analysis and checking, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the project.




In mid-2016, the airport renovation project successfully completed, the customer evaluation of the LIDA group is only one word: satisfaction! This is also the LIDA Group has been pursuing the goal for 20 years since committed to the steel structure housing industry.If you travel to Tahiti (Tahiti), you will see a modern airport provided by the LEADER Group, EVERY TIME, EVERY PLACE,LIDA group has 20 years of steel structure, light steel villa, container house, prefabricated house design, production, export, installation experience, to meet customer needs.