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  • Name: Foundation Engineering

Foundation works, according to the national science and technology noun authorized committee authorized definition, it means change or improve the basic natural conditions, to make it fulfill the needs of the project.



Foundation construction process:
Polar coordinate→ Review (including axis, coordinates) →Pile machine on site(choose suitable model) →pile driving →peg →base slot excavation→ Break pile head→ level finding→ concrete pouring cushion→ set axes→ pile cap template and Beam bottom template installation→ making and fixing of reinforcing steel→ side pile cap template and Foundation beam side templates installation→ acceptance for basic template and reinforcing steel→ Casting foundation concrete→ maintenance→ brick block masonry→ backfilling.
Foundation construction process

Pile foundation after pouring

Steel bar of 2nd beam

Raft board foundation 1

Raft board foundation 2

Raft board foundation 3

Steel pipe support

Steel structure embedded

Steel bar binding

Steel bar binding preparation


Steel bar binding

Fix steel bar

Steel reinforcement cage fabrication



Made of steel, very thick steel, 36 in diameter

Specifications require straight thread connections not to exceed 50%

Foundation steel bar binding constructing

Plash steel bar binding

A corner of the construction site at the core of the eastern pit

Steel bar of 2nd floor beam 1


Lightning protection earthing

Making reinforced mesh

Partially set up the shelf site

Partially poured slab wall

Embedded part construction

Embedded part construction

Cushion cap steel bar in place

Cushion cap steel reinforcement cage


Bottom frame template


Elevator shaft floor reinforcement construction

Independent foundation reinforcement

Plastic joint for pull bolt

2nd beam and Mold panel

2nd beam, Mold panel and steel bar

2nd beam, Mold panel and bracing system

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